Keep Your Property Safe This Christmas

Posted on: December 11th, 2019 in General by Active

Christmas time is fun for the whole family, but it also marks a time of year when burglaries rise. Over the Christmas period, make sure you and your home stay safe. We’ve put together five top tips to help secure your home throughout the festive season.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular Christmas decoration for both the inside and outside of your home. If you are using lights on the outside of your home, be sure that they are installed properly and don’t require the use of an open window to feed the wire through. Even small gaps in a window can make it easier for burglars to enter your home. Instead, use a waterproof outdoor plug socket or battery-operated lights that do not require a wire to be fed inside the house.


Leaving gifts under your tree can look pretty, but it also advertises your wares to opportunistic thieves. It’s best to leave putting the gifts under your tree until Christmas morning.

What’s more, following Christmas when your packaging is thrown out, be sure to hide any images of the gifts you have purchased. Break up your boxes and fold them inside out, disguising the labels or take your rubbish straight to the tip.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Making your home look occupied will significantly reduce the chances of a burglary. If you won’t be in a lot over the Christmas period, invest in automatic lights that come on at certain times without your being there. You may also decide to leave a radio or TV on.

Fire Safety

If you’re having light-up decorations, make sure that they all conform to the latest fire safety standards to reduce the likelihood of a fire. LED lights are best used on your tree as they do not get hot.


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