The Different Types Of Fire Alarms

Posted on: June 3rd, 2021 in Fire Alarms by Active

When looking to purchase a fire alarm, you will want to be sure that what you have selected will sufficiently protect your home and give you peace of mind. There are a few options available, so to help you decide which fire alarm to choose, we have written this blog so you can find out about the different types of fire alarm and how they work.

An image of a smoke alarm.

Ionisation Alarms

This style of fire alarm works by detecting small particles of smoke released by fast flaming fires. The smoke interrupts the electrical current running through the fire alarm, causing it to sound off.

While these alarms are effective and useful, due to the nature of how they work, they should not be installed in a kitchen or nearby areas. This is because the fire alarm is likely to go off unnecessarily when it detects fumes generated through cooking.

Optical Alarms

Optical fire alarms work in a similar fashion to ionisation detectors, however they operate by using an infrared beam. Once smoke enters the detector, the infrared beam scatters, which triggers the alarm to sound. 

Although these fire alarms tend to be more expensive than ionisation alarms, they are able to be positioned throughout the house and are less likely to give off false readings. They are also very good at detecting smaller fires.

Multi-sensor Alarms

Multi-sensor fire alarms feature two separate sensing elements – optical and heat detection. Owning this type of alarm stops the need for you to purchase two individual detectors. Multi-sensor alarms are good at detecting smoke and heat, and should be fitted around the house except for the kitchen.

This type of alarm reacts quickly to all fires, whether they be fast-burning or smouldering. Multi-sensor alarms are also good for not giving off false readings and are recommended by the UK Fire and Rescue services. 

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